Jan, 1999 
Visited Peter Bartons Mad Max website and was hooked immediately. The hunt for info to make my own Interceptor replica started.
 June, 1999 
Involved in accident and spent the next 4-8 months in recovery – all is on hold.
Oct, 1999
Serious hunt for parts begins
 Feb, 2000
Received first Scott Injector unit.

 April, 2000 
Located the correct ‘blower’ switch and bracket. 
 June, 2000 
Blue dash light from Peterson. Second Scott Injector arrives.
 Aug, 2000 
Picked up Weiand blower drive (minus swingarm)
 Sept 8, 2000 
Located and purchased swingarm for weiand drive.
 Sept 13, 2000 
Sent money order to Sean for purchase of car.
 Sept 14, 2000 
Received first pics of car from Sean.
 Oct 4, 2000 
Ordered Mad Max body kit from Advance Spoilers.
 Oct 4, 2000 
Shippers in Australia raised the price causing delays.
 Oct 9, 2000 
Ordered parts from Kyneton Auto wreckers.
 Oct 11, 2000 
Gordon Hayes sending parts to the car in Sydney.
 Oct 27, 2000 
Get new shipping quotes from a different Australian company-looking good!!
 Oct 29, 2000 
Picked up NOS zoomies in the original box at swap meet.
 Nov 8, 2000 
Installed new HD bearings in Weiand cover and then painted whole assembly, 2 of 4 parts shipments have arrived in Sydney.
 Nov 18, 2000 
All parts have arrived, verifying shipping dates/costs, picked up some engine brackets at a local wreckers. 
 Nov 20, 2000 
Picked up well used 15″ x 10″ rims for the rear. Not identical to movie
but will have to do until I can get the proper ones.
 Nov 21, 2000
Payment sent to shipping company.
 Nov 25, 2000 
Sean prepping Falcon, to be shipped in two weeks!!
 Nov 29, 2000 
Falcon all packed in container waiting to be loaded on ship.
 Dec 8, 2000 
Car is on the way !! Finishing off rear blower cover to pass the time and also looking around for a complete black GT interior.
 Dec 14, 2000 
Local business can supply a proper sized blower belt as used in the
 Dec 18, 2000 
Having a custom blower idler pulley made to suit my application.
 Dec 20, 2000 
My first child born today !! Aeron James….the future owner of the
Pursuit Special…..if he can prove his worthiness that is !!