I created this site to document my joys and pains of building my favourite car…. the Mad Max Pursuit Special. Why do I call the car a “Pursuit Special” rather than an Interceptor. In my opinion the Interceptor was Maxs yellow car plus, the radio dispatcher in the movie clearly calls the black car a Pursuit Special. 

I have had tremendous response about my project from Mad Max fans all over the world. Thanks to all those people for their input. 

The site is broken down into several sub pages. As of February 2019, I finally changed the site to make it easier for me to update. I have also finally included pictures within the timeline. I still have a lot of pics and videos to add as well as updates between 2006 and 2020.

My plans are to make my project as accurate as I can get to the Pursuit Special as seen in the first movie. So sit back and enjoy the tour……….. 

If you have any comments, questions, or interested in renting the car, contact me.

Updated as of April, 2021